Fred Steven Funeral Directors

We are a small, well established, family-run company based in Nailsworth, Stroud, with a second office in Bussage, near Stroud. Our approach ensures that every funeral arrangement is tailored to reflect both the character of the person who has died whilst also meeting the individual needs of those left behind.
At the very heart of everything we do is the knowledge that to be of any real service to the bereaved, practical help must be underpinned with clear advice & guidance and offered with tact and understanding. Whatever the circumstances of your bereavement may be, we have the experience and resources to help.

Information For The Newly Bereaved

Providing guidance about what to do immediately after a death. This section will also be useful if you’re facing for an imminent bereavement and you want to be better prepared.

Information For Newly Bereaved - Coroner

This section gives specific guidance when a death is reported to the Coroner. This will usually be in cases where death has occurred suddenly and unexpectedly, or in unnatural or suspicious circumstances.

Ohter Information

A list of the most common things that need to be done following a bereavement and the persons / organisations that might need to be informed.

National Association of Funeral Directors

Fred Stevens Funeral Directors is a member of The National Association Of Funeral Directors and abides by the NAFD Code Of Practice.

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