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   A Life in Death - Memoirs of a Cotswold Funeral Director

   By James Baker

"A Life In Death" takes the reader into the largely hidden world of death and funerals, as set against the picturesque back-drop of the Gloucestershire countryside. After spending twenty five years in the funeral profession so far, there is much that James Baker can share with readers about his professional journey and his experiences. This book was written not just to entertain, but also to enlighten and hopefully, to reassure. Above all, it offers a whole new view into the practical reality of death and bereavement in contemporary Britain.
"A Life In Death" was written with a wide cross-section of readers in mind, based on the profiles of people who regularly ask the author about what his work involves. If you identify yourself with any of the following statements, then this book will be of great interest to you:
  • People of all ages who are fascinated with the work of a funeral director, or readers simply looking for an entertaining and very human account of a unique working life;
  • Palliative care and/or nursing professionals who want to understand more about the various procedures following a death and the choices open to the bereaved;
  • Would-be entrants into the funeral profession;
  • Those who are preparing for an imminent bereavement, or those already bereaved, who are looking for a sensitively written, but honest and truthful insight into the practical realities of death and funerals.
    "A Life In Death" fills what is still a huge and lingering gap in the market for an intelligent, comprehensive, but highly readable account of life within the funeral profession. The author has deliberately avoided the use of hackneyed, predictably humorous anecdotes and overly-sentimental, or lurid, accounts of tragic episodes. Instead, writing as a West Country funeral director, James Baker offers a sensitive, insightful and nuanced account of what his working life is really like.
    About the author: James Baker MBIE. DIP. FD. MBIFD
    James, born in Wiltshire, has lived in the Stroud district of Gloucestershire since 1978. He had his first contact with funeral work as a fifteen year old work experience lad, in 1986. He began full-time work with the same company of funeral directors in 1987, and became a fully qualified funeral director and embalmer in 1991. In 1993 he set up his own funeral company, Lansdown Funeral Service Ltd., in Stroud. In 1999 he was offered the chance to purchase his current company, Fred Stevens Funeral Directors, of Nailsworth, into which his original business was then incorporated. After twenty five years in the funeral profession, during which James and his fellow funeral professionals have witnessed the biggest change in the British way of death since the Second World War, he felt it was time to collect his first twenty five years of experience into a memoir.
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    A Life in Death - Memoirs of a Cotswold Funeral Director by James Baker